Mission Statement

WUSHUONTARIO, through its members, is an organization which has as its mission to:
Promote and provide positive and diverse Wushu experiences through the delivery of comprehensive quality Wushu programming by:Leading the Ontario and Canadian Wushu system;
Directing High Performance programs in the pursuit of international competitive excellence;
Guiding the development of wushu programs at various levels and age groups.

WushuOntario – Official Provincial Sports Organization for Amateur Combative Sport

WushuOntario is a not for profit organization formally recognized by Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (MTCS) as the governing body of a particular amateur sport in Ontario. PSOs must be affiliated with their respective national/international sport governing body, follow international sport rules and align competitions with appropriate athlete advancement skills.

“Effective July 1, 2017, contests in eleven amateur sports are exempt from the Prize Fighting Offence of the Criminal Code of Canada. The Ontario government has made a provincial Order in Council (OIC) that allows contests to be held legally in eleven designated sports, if permitted or sanctioned by the Provincial Sport Organization (PSO).”

In the absence of a PSO for a designated sport, contests are not permitted and are illegal. Prior to this exemption, many amateur combative sport contests taking place in Ontario were not allowed under the Criminal Code’s Prize Fighting Offence. Defined under S.83 of the Criminal Code as an “encounter or fight with fists, hands or feet between two persons who have met for that purpose by previous arrangement made by or for them.”

Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport


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