2024 Ontario Martial Arts Games & Selection Event

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Qualifiers for the 2024 Pan American Wushu Championships in Santa Clara, California
Qualifiers for the 2024 World Taijiquan Championships in Singapore

Shaolin Martial Arts Sanda Competition Results

Congratulations to all the kids who participated in the Sanda competition!

2024 Trillium MMA Sanda Event Results

Wushu: The Chinese Martial Arts

WushuOntario (‘WUSHUONTARIO’) is the Provincial Sports Organization (‘PSO’) representing the sport of WUSHU in Ontario.  Wushu, which is generally referred to as Kung-fu in the West, is the collective term referring to the various martial arts practiced in China; it is also the modern competitive sport practiced around the world. It has developed and evolved over a period of thousands of years from an art of war into a cultural, martial, philosophical and physical activity now embraced by people on every continent. Wushu, which features a format in line with other modern sporting disciplines, incorporates a wide variety of practice methods from highly athletic empty-handed forms to weaponry as well as partner routines and full-contact combat.

Competitive High Performance Wushu is comprised of two main categories, namely Taolu (Routine Performance) and Sanda (Sport Combat). In addition, the developmental pathway and sport for life stages also include training and participation in various Traditional Martial Arts curriculum and recreational level competition opportunities.


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