WushuOntario is dedicated to fostering the growth of wushu martial arts in Ontario, providing a platform for enthusiasts to enhance skills, build community, and promote the art’s cultural richness.

Wushu Martial Arts

Wushu is one of the most influential martial arts in the world today. Seen in both film and television, the awe inspiring choreography of Wushu has been made popular by action superstars Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Donnie Yen. In Combat Sport, “Free Fighting” Sanda provides a solid and powerful foundation for full contact athletes; as represented by prominent MMA fighters such as Cung Le, Muslim Salikhov and former Canadian National Team Coach Rene Catalan. Through WushuOntario’s inclusive programming, participants are encouraged to learn the martial arts and to utilize their training as part of their life journey.
Wushu Taolu is our non-combative program where martial arts skills are taught to children, youths and adults from beginner to high performance levels.
Free Fighting Sanda is a comprehensive combat sport program for athletes that prioritize fundamental skills and safety enroute to high performance goals.
Traditional KungFu, Tai Chi and Sport Martial Arts are categories of training and programming that allow recreational participants at any age to enjoy in the many faucets of the martial arts; for fun, for fitness, for personal enlightenment.

Wushu for Life

Learning the martial arts empowers discipline, self-esteem and insight into culture and performance arts. From training in the fundamental concepts of striking, kicking and throwing, participants develop their agility, flexibility and coordination. The martial arts provide an environment which upholds the virtues of respect and integrity and can be practiced as an individual, group or as a family activity. It also serves as an exceptional cross training sport which offers a rich variety of experiences from acrobatics and weaponry to self-defense and combative competition. WushuOntario is here to inspire participants young and old, from all walks of life, and strives to support martial artists to their full potential.
WushuOntario provides an avenue for more Canadians to train in the martial arts. Working closely with our clubs, coaches and officials, we want to create innovative new ways to reach more participants than ever with our programs. Increasing the fan base of people who learn recreationally will also provide a stronger group of those who will pursue high performance competitive programming. As with many sports, most will enjoy the martial arts as an activity for fun and fitness, or will simply continue martial arts as a social activity through adulthood. It is WushuOntario’s prerogative to allow those who have embraced the martial arts through Wushu, to continue to stay involved for life; whether as volunteers, coaches, administrators or officials.

High Performance Martial Arts

Ontario Wushu athletes have had continued success on the national and world stage; however the priority goal is to enhance the overall training experience and to increase participation numbers across the province. In an effort to continually move the sport forward, WushuOntario is looking at ways to creatively enhance the level of achievement, and to improve upon it. Ontario athletes benefit daily from the expertise, experience and leadership of some of the best coaches in Canada. Coaching excellence is one of the main reasons for the success consistently achieved by Ontario martial arts athletes in competition.
WushuOntario recognizes the importance of a strong and effective support system in order to have the best opportunities for our athletes and coaches to perform. High performance results are directly related to athlete determination, dedication, exceptional coaching, and a viable support system. Our strategy in Ontario is to enhance and expand coaching excellence across the province and to improve the daily training experiences of our athletes. This will be done through the implementation of a transparent support and development structure that will maximize both participant retention and progression.