WushuCanada’s Long-Term Athlete Development Guide

Long-Term Athlete Development
WushuCanada’s newly developed comprehensive Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model is designed to assist coaches, parents, volunteers and administrators create an environment that allows athletes to fully develop and reach their potential in the sport, regardless of whether their goals are recreational or competitive in nature.
The WushuCanada Long-Term Athlete Development Guide is for the benefit of all members and is rooted in the philosophy of “Wushu for life” and being active in the martial arts for life.
WushuCanada’s LTAD model was developed by Wushu coaches from all levels along with assistance from Canadian Sport for Life and direction from the Province of Ontario. Technical expertise and content is derived from the International Wushu Federation (IWuF) and countless hours of preparation and development was collected from many stakeholders over the duration of 3 years. The philosophies and guidelines detailed in WushuCanada’s LTAD model are based on the results of scientific studies conducted and compiled by Sport Canada LTAD experts that have shown how the human body develops, grows and matures.
WushuOntario is currently in the process of implementing its LTAD philosophies and guidelines into its programming and is working with coaches, volunteers and other stakeholders as it proceeds both in the fields of non-combative Taolu and as well in combative Free Fighting Sanda.
If you have any questions or comments regarding the LTAD model, please contact the Coaching and Programs Officials at coaching@wushuontario.com

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