Sanda: Free Fighting Athletes
Distinguished by:
Gender; Male / Female
Weight Divisions; Various (See Division Summary HERE)
Age Brackets; Various (See Division Summary HERE)
Class Levels representing each athletes physical eligibility to compete;

  • High Performance: Class A / B / C
  • Recreational: Class D / E / F

Taolu: Non-Combative Athletes
Distinguished by:
Gender: Male / Female;
Age Groups: U-12 Group C / 13-15 Group B / 16-17 Group A, / 18+ Senior;
Styles: High Performance Taolu / Traditional KungFu / Tai Chi / Sport Martial Arts;
Recreational Athletes are Distinguished by Individual Clubs: Typically Levels 1-6;

  • Level 1 – White belt or equivalent
  • Level 2 – Coloured belt or equivalent
  • Level 3 – Red belt or equivalent
  • Level 4 – Green belt or equivalent
  • Level 5 – Blue belt or equivalent
  • Level 6 – Black belt or equivalent

High Performance Athletes are recognized by competitive status in events regardless of levels or belt colour.

WushuOntario provides an athlete development program which enables clubs and coaches to foster the growth of their competitors.  Our comprehensive development program subsidizes:

  • Technical experts to visit and conduct clinics;
  • Step by step development in areas of technical rules, strategies and training methodology;
  • Expert officiating courses;
  • Official athlete equipment support.

These are some of the many benefits of being part of the WushuOntario community.

Sanda High Performance Contender Program

  • Designed to encourage growth and competitiveness in athletes
  • All High Performance Athletes ranked as the “Title holder”/1st Ranked & “Top contender”/2nd Ranked are fully subsidized for their participation in competition provided;
    • They continuously defend their rankings in competition;
    • They meet all athlete membership and medical requirements;
    • They meet their applicable weight and class requirements;
    • Athletes may hold top rankings in a maximum of 2 weight classes at any given time.
  • All Top ranked athletes in each Recreational Class of fighting are subsidized in their participation of competition provided:
    • They are the current top ranked athlete in their Gender / Age / Class;
    • They are moving up in Class for their next competition event;
    • They have attained all required licensing and medical clearance for the next Class of competition.

Sanda Kick Start Program

  • Designed to help “New Sanda” athletes get started in the sport on the right track;
  • Athletes must be registered through a WushuOntario FULL member club to be eligible;
  • Standard event participation rates are set at $65.00 per event;
  • Upon completion of eight (8) events in which an athlete registers they will receive;
    • A set of Officially Recognized Sanda Uniform (Shorts and Top) at 1st event;
    • A pair of Officially Recognized Gloves at 3rd event;
    • A pair of Officially Recognized Shin Guards at 5th event;
    • An Officially Recognized High Performance Head Protector at 6th event;
    • An Officially Recognized High Performance Chest Protector at 8th event.