Participant Club Basic Membership Status

Participant Club Basic Membership Status: Rate $100.00 per year from date of official acceptance

  • Provides recognition for member club participation;
  • Provides listing status as “Participant Member Club”
  • Provides eligibility to registered individual members of member clubs to participate in events
  • Provides recognition to member club for the achievements of their registered members;
  • Provides option for coaches of member club to enroll in the WushuOntario coach certification program;
  • Provides liability coverage for participant clubs and their registered members during their participation in WushuOntario events;
  • Provides option for Participant Member Clubs to host sanctioned events as an independent “Event Organizer”.

Participant Club Membership Requirements:

  • Requires only the registration of individual members who participate in WushuOntario events;
  • Requires the club to provide validation of  independent Insurance Coverage prior to acceptance as participant club that meets or exceeds WushuOntario minimum coverage standards;
  • Requires participant club to complete membership contract that acknowledges that their coaches are independently certified and conform to coaching standards different to that of WushuOntario certified programming.
Participant Club Membership Limitations:

  • Limited to marketing exposure provided by participant club status;
  • Limited to liability coverage only during participation at WushuOntario events and not during day to day operations of club;
  • Participant Clubs are NOT enrolled in WushuOntario Club Insurance Program;
  • Participant Clubs and their Individual Registered Members are NOT eligible for subsidies or support programs.
  • Participant Member Clubs may apply to host events as an “Independent Event Organizer”.

WushuOntario Full Membership Club Status

WushuOntario Full Member Club Status: Rate $500.00 per year

  • Provides Full Member Recognition for Clubs and their registered individual members;
  • Provides exposure for member clubs in all WushuOntario club marketing initiatives;
  • Provides listing status as “Full Member Club” along with logo placement and description of club details;
  • Provides eligibility to registered individual members of Member Clubs to participate in events;
  • Provides recognition to Member Clubs for the achievements of their registered members;
  • Provides access to enrollment of coaches of Member Clubs to the WushuOntario coach certification program;
  • Provides liability coverage for Member Clubs and their registered members during their participation in WushuOntario events;
  • Provides liability coverage for Member Clubs and all its’ members during the regular operations of club activities;
  • Provides enrollment of Member Clubs in the WushuOntario Club Insurance Program;
  • Provides Member Clubs with custom upgrade options for content insurance with insurance provider;
  • Provides Member Clubs and their Individual Members with access to subsidies and support programs;
  • Provides Member Clubs option to host sanctioned events as a “Club Organizer”;
  • Provides Member Clubs access to utilize event and clinic subsidies to host events at their venue.
Full Member Club Requirements:

  • Requires full membership of all individual members of club at either a recreational or high performance level;
  • Requires the club to provide validation of business registration or incorporation at provincial and/or federal levels;
  • Requires the club to complete coaching certification for all active coaches conducting programs at their facility;
  • Requires that all active coaches must enlist as a coach member and maintain coaching requirements as per WushuOntario standards;
  • Requires commitment to procedures as indicated in “Maintaining Membership Status” to be an ongoing member in good standing.

To Maintain Status in Good Standing:

  • Each new participant in Member Club programs must be enrolled online with WushuOntario prior to the commencement of their activities;
  • All new registered members should be acknowledged to the benefits of membership and the membership policy of WushuOntario;
  • Administrative staff, coaches and caregivers must meet all standards of WushuOntario which include:
    • First Aid Training and Certification every 2 years;
    • Enhanced Background Check (Vulnerable Sector Check) every 2 years;
    • Commitment to WushuOntario Coaching Certification Program for Coaches;
  • WushuOntario is committed to helping Club owners offer the most efficient and professional programs to their members and as Full Member Clubs, the PSO supports offers it’s resources to aid in achieving these goals.
  • Full Member Clubs are eligible to Host events as an official “Club Organizer”.

Event Organizers and Promoters

WushuOntario is a designated Provincial Sports Organization recognized by the Ontario Government to oversee sanctioning protocol in combative sport pertaining to Sanda Free Fighting.

As defined in the WushuOntario Sport Recognition Policy, a legal amateur combative sport contest will display the official Ontario logo on all contest advertising along with this wording: “THIS CONTEST IS SANCTIONED BY AN ORGANIZATION OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED BY THE PROVINCE OF ONTARIO.”
In sanctioning events, WushuOntario emphasizes diligence in several key areas:
  • Safety and Protocol
  • Participation
  • Production Logistics
  • Marketing Awareness
  • Equipment and Staffing
  • Quality and Professionalism

Potential Hosts or Event Producers may apply for sanctioning in one of two ways:

WushuOntario Club Organizers:

  • Reserved for WushuOntario Full Member Clubs;
  • Club organizers have first priority in selected dates and venues;
  • Access to event assistance and profit sharing programs to ensure viability of events;
  • WushuOntario provides full equipment and logistical support;
  • Club organizers take on role of event coordinators and are exposed to minimal financial risks in operating events;

Independent Event Organizers and Promoters:

  • Event Organizers submit applications and pay a sanctioning fee to obtain the rights to host an event;
  • WushuOntario sanctioning policy must be followed in its entirety;
  • Upon payment of sanctioning fees and associated event fees the Event Organizer assumes all financial risks to their event;
  • Associated fee include but are not limited to equipment rentals, set up, officiating, transportation, medical staffing, awards etc.;
  • All fees are clearly laid and understood prior to approval or signing of any sanctioning contract;
  • WushuOntario provides marketing and participation support via it’s network of members;
  • Event dates and types are arranged as to support all sanctioned events without conflicts of interest;
  • All revenue and admissions are maintained and the responsibility of the event organizer;
  • Sponsorships must be approved and within the guidelines of the WushuOntario sponsorship policy;

Changes for Amateur Combative Sports

Ontario supports the safe participation in amateur combative sports.

In 2015 the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport released Game ON – The Ontario Government’s Sport Plan in which it committed to clarify the legal status of amateur combative sport.

Through an Order in Council, the Government of Ontario has designated 11 amateur sports in which contests are now legal if held with the permission of a government-recognized Provincial Sport Organization (PSO).

A PSO is a not-for-profit organization recognized by the Ministry as the governing body of a particular amateur sport in Ontario. The primary function of a PSO is the development of athletes, coaches and officials. A PSO must be recognized in accordance with the provincial Sport Recognition Policy. Currently there are 9 government-recognized PSOs in Ontario for combative sports.

Contests in sports that are not sanctioned by a provincially-recognized PSO are deemed illegal.

Definition of a Contest

When sanctioning contests, PSOs must adhere to the definition of a contest and all requirements as detailed in the Sport Recognition Policy.

If a contest meets the definition of a prize fight, it must be sanctioned by the recognized PSO.

As per the Canadian Criminal Code section 83 (2), “In this section, prize fight means an encounter or fight with fists, hands or feet between two persons who have met for that purpose by previous arrangement made by or for them.”

Hosting a Combative Sport Contest

To host a contest in an exempt amateur combative sport, the associated recognized PSO must sanction the contest.

The government has authorized nine PSOs as the recognized sport bodies to sanction contests.

A contest NOT authorized by a recognized PSO in an exempt amateur combative sport could be deemed illegal and subject to prosecution.

Amateur Mixed Martial Arts

Contests in Amateur Mixed Martial Arts (AMMA) will remain illegal until the sport is added to the list of exempt sports and there is a recognized PSO for AMMA.

Currently there is no international sport federation for the sport of AMMA that is endorsed by the Global Association of International Sport Federations (formerly Sport Accord) or the International Olympic Committee. Therefore, when the Order in Council (OIC) was created, the sport of AMMA was omitted from the list since there would be no organization designated to sanction amateur contests.


Enforcement of the Canadian Criminal Code is handled by provincial or municipal police services.

Competing in an Amateur Combative Sport

The Order in Council only applies to amateur combative sports contests that contravene the Federal Criminal Code and does not apply to participation in training or fitness activities.

For a list of sanctioned amateur combative sport contests:

Health and Safety Standards for Amateur Combative Sport

Before participating in an amateur combative sport, it is important to be informed about the health and safety practices at the training facilities or tournament venues. This includes obtaining information about first aid response and insurance policies that disclose how injuries are handled and the responsibilities of tournament or practice facility owners.

To inform your decision about participating in an amateur combative sport, information about health and safety standards is available.

More Information

For more information, please contact your Provincial Sport Organization, or email to reach someone at the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.